Data Center

At C. Charles Resources Limited, we focus on two distinct approaches when it comes to data center services:

Services provided to a Data Center-These services include the actual planning, designing, management, support, update or modernization of equipment, software or facilities connected to your corporate data center.
Services from a Data Center-These services include any operations that are typically performed by a fully functional data center, including data backup and archiving, cloud computing, managed email, etc.
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Networking and Infrastructure

C. Charles Resources Limited brings together skills in network design, setup and support with full IT understanding and business knowledge for your business. If proper network and PC setup is crucial things for any business to run smoothly. Then proper IT support and maintenance is also crucial for business. With our knowledge of IT networking and experience, we have ability to provide full support for all your IT needs.

Manage IT Services

It’s been estimated that managed IT services can help you save up to 25% on your IT costs, while boosting your productivity by an amazing 75%.

Most businesses pay far too much for the IT services they get in-house. They have to pay for all manner of unnecessary costs in employee benefits, vacations days, and turnover. With managed services, you’re only paying for the skills and services that you need.

Both large companies and small businesses need technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively. In numerous small businesses, IT resources are scarce and staff can be quickly overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping an IT infrastructure up and running.

If businesses fall behind in keeping up with backups, patches and security, chances are that the business will face an IT outage or another problem that will negatively impact its business.

Website Development

We have an experienced web development team to meet your web development needs. We work according to our customer’s needs and preferences and provide them best quality services within time and budget.
We communicate well with customers to get their requirements.
Our experienced developers are adept to offer custom web designing services and full functionality to meet our customer’s needs.
Our Web Development Services include:
  • Database Development.
  • Content Management Solutions (CMS).
  • Online Payment Integration.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Ecommerce Solutions.
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Architecture Development.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) correlation with Data.

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IT Support

Our IT Support provides a distinctive form of service ensuring your technological assets operate at a highly functional rate. Our regularly scheduled maintenance and assistance secures your assets, and is highly recommended to ensure maximum output is derived from daily operations.

Software Development

C. Charles Resources Limited not only install solutions but we help you through the transition from one software package to another.

During training we embrace your staff around the new technology or software and provide them with the correct level of training removing or translating technical language where necessary allowing them to master new knowledge and learn new skills.

Before final hand over, our consultants will ensure your staff have the necessary training documentation and support materials to utilise new infrastructure and software at performance levels that satisfy the operational needs of the business and provide a return on investment..

Free telephone and remote support will always follow any installation.

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